After listening to Martin Seligman speak recently on his viewpoints about dealing with the Covid Crisis I decided to really think about what brought me happiness, fun, joy, and made me just feel good! Seligman cited a study done by Sheldon Cohen, a researcher, who injected rhinovirus into his participants to see if a positive emotional style (PES) affected how they would respond. He found out that those who were cheerful and having more fun had less severe colds.
“These results indicate that PES may play a more important role in health than previously thought.”

Going by this study, Seligman decided during Covid to have as much fun as he could! He bought a puppy, danced, made love, drank wine, and listened to music a lot! How can you have as much fun as you possibly can as you are physically distancing? Write a list of all the things that you find fun and joyful. I have a niece who decided since she couldn’t travel with her family she would bring the international foods to them as they were quarantining together. She is cooking up a storm making Italian night, Meditteranean, Mexican, on and on and she is having so much fun. She also inspired me! Puzzles, gardening, reading to their grandchildren virtually, taking salsa lessons online, dinner parties every Friday night with friends virtually, watching the history of the United States on Netflix, learning something new every day are just a few of the things I’ve heard others are doing to boost their vibrations and happiness quotient! I know this pandemic is getting long and tiring but honestly, I believe we are in for the long haul. So, how can you flip the coin and come up with some ideas to make this work for you in one way or another? Doing a SPICE check-in every day can be helpful. Practicing your gratitude, self-compassion, kindness, and mindfulness. Getting your endorphins going and laughing as much as you can! Focusing on your strengths and how you can use them more creatively and in different ways can all give you a boost.

As we come out of the pandemic what will matter Seligman said, is focusing on optimism and hope. Being optimistic that bad events are temporary and oftentimes innovation comes out of a crisis. Holding on to the mantra “This too shall pass” can create an optimistic mindset. Inspiring hope in others by seeing how we can do something about the future and raising our own vibration to bring our best self forward with kindness and love can only boost all those around us. By putting all of your focus on the news and politics your brain will be pulled toward disaster, not hope!

Looking towards the common good and finding the one positive thing you can do is not only helpful to others but a boost to you as well. “Turn off zoom and find one person who needs help,” Seligman said. So many young people I hear about have inspired me. One high school girl was so bored she decided to gather her friends to tutor young children for free online. A nephew of mine, also in High School, began an organization called GenLynk┬ápairing teens with nursing home seniors so they wouldn’t feel so alone. These are the innovators of the future! These are the creators of happiness who are raising their vibration of kindness and love and creating as much happiness in the world as they can. We are wired to have life satisfaction when we help others.

Remember, you are in control of your brain, not the other way around. Feelings and thoughts don’t descend on you, you have a choice, what do you choose? What can you choose now? Bring your best self forward. Find things you love doing and do them!