The SPICE of Life

Transitions in life are often the time when my clients reach out to me to coach them. They may know what their goals are or they might need some help clarifying them and how to go about making an action plan to get started. Using the tools of positive psychology  can be very helpful to focus on the whole being and see where you thrive, what are your strengths and what is going well. I like to use the acronym SPICE as a way of looking at all areas of your life which allows you to do a check in to see where you are spiritually, physically, intellectually, connections and emotionally. Maybe you are beginning a new job, starting your own business, getting married, having a baby or moving into retirement! These are all big times of transition when it is helpful to consider the SPICE of life and do a check in.


S…….Spiritually – Where are you? What connects you to the universe? How do you see the beauty in nature or savor life? What can you do to incorporate this side of you into your present life?

P – Physically – How is your physical being? Are you paying attention to your health and movement of your body? What do you do to keep your mind and body as healthy as it can be? How do you nourish yourself?

I – Intellectually – Are you a life learner? How do you stimulate your intellectual curiosity? What are your interests, meaning and purpose?


C – Connection – Who is in your tribe? Do you hang out with playful interesting uplifting people? How do you keep your relationships alive, exciting and interesting?

emotional well being

E – Emotional Well Being – What outlets do you use when you are under stress or hearing that negative self talk? How do you sustain your emotional well being?

Looking at the SPICE in your life is one way of exploring your whole being. Is there one area that is being neglected? All of them are important and need to be considered. If you would like some guidance with this let’s set up a coaching session to explore your whole being and how you can bring it into balance. Please share below how you SPICE up your life!