Why Coaching?

What You Can Expect:

You can expect me to listen to you and hear where you want to go and what you want to achieve. We will work together to come up with an action plan that can be accomplished. My coaching style has some general steps that I follow using my expertise in Positive Psychology. If we decide to work together we will discuss and come up with a fully customized plan just for you. This plan will take your goals and needs and focus them into a doable action plan that is right for you.


The initial consultation will give us an opportunity to discuss the areas that are most important to you and hear how I can work with you to achieve your goals.

Strengths and Goals Assessment

We will take some time to explore what your strengths are and how you can use them to get where you want to go. Your story is unique to you and I want to hear it. This will help us design a plan that will take your strengths, goals, passions, resources and desires into consideration.

Change Can Happen

Change is not easy but it is possible. By implementing a plan of action and the steps you need to take you can achieve your dreams. We will work with some evidence based research tools that positive psychology offers us to make this change a reality. You can achieve your goals, improve your relationships, change careers, and fulfill your life aspirations.

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