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“Retirement is a time to tackle projects and unlock dreams, a time to revisit the past and explore the unknown. It is time to design our future.” Julia Cameron

Retirement may be something you are looking forward to…..or not. Retirement can be a great source of anxiety since it is a new transition in ones life. With transitions come change which often creates tension and getting out of our comfort zone. There may be a feeling of loss when letting go of friendships in the workplace and ways in which work provided structure, meaning and purpose and status as well as financial renumeration. Or you can be so excited about your retirement but you really have not thought about what’s next.

What will you do all day?

Will you have enough resources to do all the things you hope to do?

How will you try to stay healthy?

How will you keep your social network alive?

One way to help with this change is to do some planning. Know what your living expenses will be and how much money you will need. Have a clear understanding of your financial situation. This however is only the first step.

What about the rest of your being?

How will you find meaning and purpose during this time in your life?

What will a typical day/week look like to you?

Do you view retirement as a new journey, a new adventure?

Half of retirees today are planning to remain engaged in the workforce in some way, shape or form. Baby boomers are defining the new retirement and searching for ways to continue to thrive not just survive! Larger numbers of people are living 25 or more years into retirement. They have a whole new portion of their life ahead of them – what will their new identity be?

As a certified retirement coach Eva Centeno can help you assess all areas of your life and help you make a clear plan so that you can embrace this new time in your life. She will help you develop a strategic plan so you can move forward with more clarity and confidence. With an integrated approach using her knowledge of positive psychology and Dr. Richard Johnson’s What Color is Your Retirement you can discover, plan and live your retirement dream. You can create your own masterpiece and make retirement an optimistic time that’s full of new learning and gratifying pursuits. In her six session package you will receive a comprehensive self-assessment, a retirement goals analysis and the development of new goals with a concrete action plan to pursue them.