FLIPP – Flourishing Life In Positive Psychology is a deck of 52 cards that introduces the concepts of Positive Psychology that can help individuals and families flourish. The science of positive psychology now clearly offers evidence-based approaches to help people live full and meaningful lives. We can now help ourselves and our communities towards health and flourishing by learning some simple tools towards well-being. FLIPP is a fun way to learn about these evidence-based approaches and how you can use them in a practical way. As Tal Ben Shahar would often say, ” These are common sense. The idea is to make the common sense common!”

Great as a gift or for yourself!


Eva your cards are absolutely spectacular!! Congratulations. I am going to use them in both the clinical and corporate settings. I work with in team building and group process. I can’t wait to order more and give them as gifts. Will contact you!


What People Are Saying

The cards just arrived today. Wow, they are awesome! I can’t imagine how much time must have gone into making them. You captured every concept with such great pictures. Amazing!

Eva! Oh my gosh – they arrived and they are even more fabulous than I imagined! You put so much work into those. What a treat for me to have a set. Woot woot woot woot!!!!!! Thank you so much for sending them. I hope you sell out everywhere.


I’m going to keep them by my bed and go through one-a-night before bed – really think about it and focus on that particular concept. In terms of work, I can pull specific concepts based on my clients and/or my presentations.

I’m reading your cards everyday in India! They are so amazing!!!

I love the name, FLIPP – such a great play on words – flip cards, the acronym for your title, flip your life around. Bravo!


I LOVE mine and I used them just this morning for inspiration as I planned a program on relaxation. Thankfully, the quality is excellent so that they will withstand the wear and tear I’ll be giving them.