About Me


Eva Centeno

In my life I have worn many hats. I am a wife in a long – term committed marriage, a mother of two, grandmother, teacher, facilitator, early childhood educator, business woman and entrepreneur. I had a successful business for twenty years designing, manufacturing, and selling baby products online and to high end stores. I know what it takes to get where you want to go. As a certified positive psychology practitioner and life coach I want to share with you the tools that you can apply to your life to make your dreams a reality or transitions in life easier. My coaching and workshops use the principles of the evidence based research that is being done today in the exciting field of Positive Psychology. I believe that everyone can benefit from learning about these tools and applying them to their lives everyday. It was a true blessing for me to have been able to study under Tal Ben Shahar, the well known Harvard professor who had the largest class in history on the Science of Happiness. Everyone wants to flourish in their lives and be happier. It is my passion to help you get there. I am an experienced woman in many facets of life. My wisdom and training give me the skills to help my clients who are seeking a change in life, career or relationship, looking for a more optimistic outlook on life, improve relationships, obtain better habits, or achieving ones goals. I have been helping people achieve this and more and flourish in their lives.


What do you choose in life?

I can help you find the solutions and set up an action plan that works. Let my experience, training and wisdom help you get to where you want to go. I love what I do and it would be my sincere pleasure to work with you. I want to share with you practical ideas and proven research in the field of positive psychology that can help you optimize your life. I look forward to hearing your story and how we can work together so that you too can flourish in your life. I am a member of IPPA – International Positive Psychology Association and the creator of FLIPP – Flourishing Life In Positive Psychology. This unique deck of cards can help you learn how to bring more positivity into your life and gain a better sense of well-being. In addition to my newsletter I also use my coaching and workshops to share the lessons I’ve learned in my own life. It is personally gratifying for me to help others.

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