This is the word I choose to use when I consider the next phase in a persons life as they move from the work they may have done for years and are now considering what this season of their life looks like not working. This may be a time when you get to examine your life and consider forgotten passions that may not have been served yet or a love of learning that you haven’t had time for.
How can you create a blueprint for this u turn in your life I call rewirement? The majority of people choosing to “retire” have already considered their ROI – return on investment; however they may not have given much thought to their ROL – return on life! How do you want to spend your days so they are interesting and filled with time well spent as well as continuing to connect with others? Is it time to write a new script and consider what Mary Oliver said, “ what do you choose to do with this one wild and precious life?”
The researchers Ed Diener and Robert Bitwas-Diener explain that “psychological wealth is the experience that our life is excellent- that we are living in a rewarding, engaged, meaningful and enjoyable way.” To be psychologically wealthy one has to look at their whole being. Where are you in the SPICE OF LIFE? Spiritually, physically, intellectually, connected with others, and your emotional wellbeing? Are you a person who experiences a richness of positive emotions and who is deeply satisfied with the life you are living? Each day do a SPICE OF LIFE check in and work on the areas that are depleted. If you need help in clarifying some of these questions and want to prepare for your rewirement let’s set up a free session to see if retirement coaching is right for you to prepare for this season of your life. Eva
Begin now by checking in with your:
Happiness quiotent- what brings you joy and pleasure.
Gratitude– each day can you name 3 things you are grateful for.
Physical – how are you staying vital, energized, and physically fit.
Connection- how are your relationships with others?
If you were to plan your weekly schedule where can you schedule activities that bring you joy, gratitude, physical and emotional wellbeing as well as time for loved ones and friends. Next fill in work, tasks that need to be done, sleep etc. the positive activities are your essential psychological wealth builders. This is the beginning of your blueprint to have a successful ROL return on life!