It feels as if I/we have been on a roller coaster, with a bit of whiplash, now in the pandemic. Delta is surging in certain places and the communication, in my opinion, is garbled to say the least. For me, intuitively, wearing masks, getting my vaccine, washing my hands frequently, and avoiding crowded indoor spaces feels right. I know I want to protect myself and others around me. I know I cannot control the world or external circumstances but I can choose what I believe would be best for me, my loved ones safety and my community. 

Most people, me included, want to get back to life. What does that even mean? Even though I am making different choices and not hugging as many people as I use to I still feel as if I am living. If I reflect back on the past year I can see I have become even more mindful of what living means to me. At its core it means enjoying the moment I am in because that may be all I will have. It means walking outside and feeling the warmth of the sun or the light breeze against my cheek. It means remembering how my grandson who spent every day o this first year of life practically with me, saw the awe and splendor of the world unfolding around him. He would hold his little fingers under the running water letting it flow through, grasping, letting go, feeling all it’s nuances for the first time – this is beginners mind which I try to embrace and live! His zest for life and all the seasonal changes brought laughter, joy and play into each moment. This is how I want to live. He would acutely listen to the train in the distance, or the beep of a truck backing up, or the wind making the trees dance and bring that into his own body and start dancing. This is how I want to live. He would hug and give sweet kisses good night letting each of us know how much he loved us. This is what I want to give. He embraced the best of life and gave me that gift to carry forward in my own life. Stay in sage mode, pay attention to the nuances around you, use all of your senses, share your love, kindness, joy, laughter and hugs when you can. Ride the roller coaster we are in with all of your resilience you have built up over time and look at what is going well in your life. If you are reading this, you are alive, let’s all give thanks for that. I wish you health, safety, living in your sage mode as much as possible. When you are not , breathe, go into your body and feel all of your senses, it will help you to carry on and “get back to living.” What does getting back to living mean to you?

If you want to know more about how to tap into your sage mode please set up a call with me. I am offering a six week program to help you change your brain so you are in command and can build your mental fitness through the training of positive intelligence. Let’s talk.