During Covid, as we are still quarantining or remaining in our bubbles, it is not easy to not succumb to moments of feeling down, or impatience with another. I have been digging deep into my positive psychology tool kit to try to find some ways to rise above these moments. Here are a few I have considered and used.


  1. Plan something new to do with your partner, roommate, or child. For example, plan an indoor date night or perhaps do a 1000 piece puzzle together one night a week. One couple I heard about was into music so they played instruments and sang together one night a week. They had this to look forward too and music can be so uplifting. Take salsa lessons together! Just doing something together that brings you together in a new and unexpected way. It gives your week structure and something to look forward to. We are usually planning vacations away together. Bring it closer in and plan a couple of nights during the week for some fun and laughter. This time will create a renewed intimacy.


  1. If you have children this time can be very stressful as you try to work and care for them as they are home every day. We want to be as present and as mindful as we can when we are with our children. Beyond scheduling their time think of how you can bring yourself back to a state of calm and presence. This holds true and works for all of the people in your household. Try meditating for 15 minutes focusing on your breath and calming your body and mind down. After the meditation pick and object to focus on for 2 minutes. Do this for a week and see if it helps to bring you back to the place you most want to reside in. I find I need to go to my 4-count breath often just to keep my patience in check! It is a quick release valve that definitely helps center me.


  1. Loving Kindness meditation is another way to increase your compassion for self and others during this stressful time. You can find some to listen to on Barbara Frederickson site love 2.0


  1. Before going to bed say out loud to your partner what you are grateful for that day and one thing you love about them! If you are alone say it out loud to yourself – it’s all good!


  1. Getting out into nature for a walk, a breath, a moment of mindfulness, is another way to step out of the uncertainty and ground you once again.


  1. People have been very grateful for having their pets. If you can, go get a dog to keep you company and give love and care to.


  1. Using the Internet to connect with loved ones, share information, and photos are always uplifting. If you know someone is alone doing this will not only uplift their spirits but yours as well. Giving to others is a sure way to create your own happiness.

Try one or all of these and see if it helps in getting you over those moments of feeling down and asking how long can I really do this! Let me know how it goes and what worked for you or other suggestion you may have for others.