This week in the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a time of connecting with family, loved ones, or of giving back to your community in some way. It is a time where we take a moment to think about what we are grateful for. As you should know by now, I believe these elements should be going on in your life always, not just this week. All of these are part of my positive psychology tool box which need to be incorporated in ones life on a daily basis. This is a good week to begin!

Thank You!

Saying thank you as a prayer on a daily basis is a good place to begin. Just stopping for a moment and acknowledging something someone did or said is an act of appreciation which is not forgotten. How many times have you thought about how kind someone was to you or helped you with something and you never expressed it out loud? I know that use to happen to me all of the time. Than I realized, hey, they are not a mind reader I need to say it out loud! So began my journey of saying thank you, or expressing an appreciation or love for something someone said, did, or just was through text, letter or phone call. Sharing my thank you’s in this way has opened my heart and connected me with others in a new way. I don’t let my good thoughts go unsaid. 🙂 I also just say thank you to the universe for allowing me to be alive and part of it! So at your thanksgiving table this week if you get the opportunity say thank you to someone out loud. 


Gratitude is one of the pillars in positive psychology. If you do nothing else just focusing on what you are grateful for is a great beginning towards well-being. Negativity is like velcro, it is so easy to stick to us. Gratitude is the antidote for that and a beautiful way to build new neurons in your brain bringing you towards a focus of what’s going well in your life. At your thanksgiving table express what you are grateful for. Every night before you go to bed think about your day and finish the statement “I am grateful for……” and change it up each day! You will see that your focus will begin to change and your happiness level will get a great boost! Around your dinner table try this: Go around to each person and tell them what you are grateful about them and how they are a blessing to the family. It’s a beautiful activity that will encircle you with love and gratitude opening your heart to receive more and more.


If your lucky enough to be surrounded by family this week you have an opportunity for connection with others. If your family is challenging think about practicing your best listening skills and mindful breathing along with forgiveness. If you are not with family maybe you can gather your own tribe and prepare a meal together. If all of this just isn’t working for you it is a great time to give back to others in need. Often times this can be the best connection because doing good makes you feel good. Maybe it’s a great week to just do random acts of kindness for others which research shows can boost your own happiness. 

Whatever you choose to do this week I wish all of you a very happy and healthy thanksgiving week. I am grateful for all of you that visit and read my blog. I hope we are building a connection and I just want to say thank you.