Love is in the air

This is the month that we begin to see Valentines all over the place, cards with hearts to send loved ones, expensive dinners to arrange on February 14th. I would like to view this month of Love through a different lens. Rather than only thinking about “my love” how about thinking about “sharing Love …..and Kindness”? I would like to imagine that if each of us engaged in some of these activities we would be putting Love in the Air and it would become contagious!

What are some ways we can bring Love in the Air wherever we go? Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Metta Prayers

I love to do Metta Prayers because it expands your heart and allows you to think of the special people in your life that you want to send love to. You begin by thinking of someone you care for. This can be a spouse, a child, a friend, a parent, anybody that when you envision their face it makes you smile. Close your eyes and hold on to that vision. Send them this prayer:

May you be happy

May you be safe

May you be healthy

May you have a life of ease

Say this three times in your minds eye and than move on to someone else. Eventually you go through friends, family, and than to the world and to yourself as well. This is a wonderful meditation to open your heart and send love energy out into the world. You can find more of these on Barbara Frederickson’s Love 2.0 website. You can also read about the wonderful research she has been doing in this area. You can also purchase her book Love 2.0 to learn more about it.

  1. Random Acts of Kindness

A Random act of kindness has been shown to benefit the giver more than the person who receives this act. These are small acts that make a big difference in the way we live and participate in the world. Some examples are opening a door for another, letting someone go ahead of you on line, paying for someone’s meter or toll, helping someone across the street or bring in heavy bags, calling someone who you know may be lonely, spending some time with an elderly person, or just being kind to those we interact with like cashiers, doormen, office workers etc. These are just a few. Can you think of others? Please add them to the comments so we can all share in these graceful acts of love.

  1.  Spontaneous Notes of Appreciation

This is one of my favorites. I love to send texts or notes to people when I think of them. I send them immediately because the thought is with me and usually my heart is swelling with love and appreciation for them. By noticing and sending these notes of appreciation or strength spotting we are putting love in the air.

  1. Nourishment

By paying attention to how we feed our minds, bodies and souls allows us to bring more love forward. When we pay attention to how we make our food, adding love along the way, makes it not only taste better but I think look and feel better as well. Paying attention to our thoughts and where we put them can be nourishing or draining. You choose. Spending some time just being and not doing allows our soul to settle in and hear that quiet voice within. One can do this either by meditating, listening to beautiful music, chanting, or just looking out the window. It gives nourishment to your mind and body to take a break from all the “noise” around us.

  1. Smiles, Hugs, Touch

Sharing a smile with another is such an easy way to add more love in the air. Giving your significant other, friend, or pet a hug for longer than a few seconds allows the dopamine to release and spread love throughout your body. Touch is something we often forget. A meaningful handshake looking in someone’s eyes, saying thank you with a touch, not touching our phones as often as we do so we can be present in the moment to notice and share the love in the air. I love the song by Diana Ross Reach out and Touch Someone. It is a song in my iTunes which I listen to often!

By engaging in any one of these activities you will share micro-moments of connection which leads you to more love in your life. Take time to look around you. Do you see babies laughing, dogs wagging their tails when they see each other, people smiling or hugging each other? Often times when I walk through the streets of New York City I can notice these little things going on all around me and they lift my heart so I can feel the love in the air. We need this more today than ever before so please open your heart and share your love with one another. You will feel uplifted and happy if you do. Tell me about your experiences. I would love to hear comments below.