Happiness Trainer


As a Happiness Trainer Eva Centeno draws on her knowledge of positive psychology, ancient religion traditions and philosophers to inspire workers to boost their positivity ratio. Not only does this boost morale, creativity and productivity in the workplace it can also help to create a community. This sense of well-being can be carried over into the individuals lives as well as your customer satisfaction ratings. Research by Barbara Frederikson shows that when we experience joy or more positive emotions we can broaden and build from their into thinking more creatively and accepting a wider variety of actions.

As a Happiness Trainer Eva Centeno can help your employees build their resiliency, positive attitudes, connect with others and find concrete tools to employ and boost their happiness in the workplace. This type of training is a great addition to any wellness program provided. It is an investment in your employees for their social, mental and physical well being. When companies pay attention to their employees in this way they can save the company money because healthy, happy employees stay with a company and stress is a major source of lost productivity. Happiness Training which includes wellness activities have been linked to higher productivity, higher morale and reduced absenteeism. Happier Employees are more productive and innovative!

What steps can your organization take?

Eva Centeno offers bespoke packages to suit your needs:

  • Lunch and Learn Happiness Training workshops – one hour time slots
  • Half or Full Day Workshops
  • Full programs to implement well being activities into your organization
  • Mindfulness training workshops – 8 week series
  • Science of Happiness Training – 6 week series

Happiness Training has been proven to boost productivity, creativity, community and success!



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