Have you thought about what your retirement will look like? Are you in retirement and wondering what now?

Now that you no longer have a 9-5 structure how best can you establish flow in your life, meaning and purpose, connection with others? Using the SPICE of life acronym you can address all areas of your life. You begin to make meaningful goals in each area to consider. Breaking these goals down to mini goals and micro steps you can begin to achieve them. As you begin to gain clarity on your growth and development at this stage, your physical health and well being, connections with others, practicing mindfulness daily, and doing things you enjoy a structure begins to emerge.

Creating this personal flow in your life can turn your re-wirement years into your best years with more purpose, energy, vitality, better relationships and joy! Staying mentally sharp, actively engaged will unlock the possibilities. Planning for this stage of life is key. Gaining clarity so you can continue your growth journey makes all the difference. It will be intrinsic to you so you can continue to be engaged and thriving.

This is such a huge transition in one’s life that if you leave it to chance without any thought or preparation it can lead to depression where you lose interest, your memory is challenged, you have lack of focus, you feel fatigued, isolated, lonely and have difficulty making decisions. Sometimes finding your way can be difficult and that is where a retirement coach can help you unlock the possibilities. This is done through appreciative inquiry, worksheets, journaling, vision boards, etc. to explore new goals and hidden passions unique to you. Once you come up with a plan you can make an actionable plan and take micro steps towards your goals. Next week I will break this down further so please check back then!