As a certified retirement coach I often meet clients who are either about to retire or are thinking about it. Re-Tire-ment is a worn out word. It no longer applies to the next phase of life. It is exactly as it sounds – tired!

Todays boomers want to RE-Wire not Re-tire. So what does that look like and how do we get there? Most people consider their finances when they are thinking about their next phase of life. What will the ROI (return on investment) be when they decide to leave their current vocation? However, I find that most have not thought about their ROL (return on life) quotient! What will they do? How will they spend their time? How will they not get BORED? Who will they spend time with so they have connection with others?

ReWirement takes time, thought, and effort. One has to do some self reflection and see what really matters to them now. What are your values? What energizes you? What choices do you want to make now?

Thinking about your strengths, talents, skills, experience and wisdom what would you like to bring into your life at this stage? I am a firm believer in looking at the whole self – SPICE OF LIFE – looking at all areas of your whole being. Spiritual, physical, intellectual, connection with others and emotional well-being. How can you cultivate all these areas of your life to design the life you love?

Setting new goals in areas of wellness, personal growth, learning, relationships, maybe work, maybe volunteering are all things my clients and I talk about. It is a process, but a necessary one if you want to rewire well.

If you are thinking about rewiring and would like to come up with your new mission statement, your new version of YOU, and how you can bring your values to the forefront and make conscious choices I would love to work with you. Email me at for a complimentary consult so we can begin to answer the question that Mary Oliver asks