In positive psychology we begin with looking at what your strengths are. I always ask my clients to begin by taking the free character strengths survey on so they can see out of the 24-character strengths what are their top 5. We use our top 5 with ease and often take them for granted when we should be looking at how we use them, are we overusing them, or are their creative ways we can think to use them. I love this assessment and think it is one of the best ways to understand them and incorporate them into our lives. Now I am asking what is your superpower?


Among the strengths that you might have there is also an attribute, skill, or ability that you possess that is unique to you. When I was considering what my superpower is I asked others what they saw which was enlightening. I also thought about some powerful things that were told to me in my childhood that have withstood the test of time. It is very affirming to think about your superpower and how you can use it to achieve your goals, interact with others, or enhance your life. I love imagining my light sword like in star wars or wearing my supergirl shirt under my clothes!


In thinking about your own superpower you might consider what do you do that comes to you effortlessly? In what areas do you excel without much effort? What gets you into the flow and you lose all track of time?


Are you amazing at something that people often notice and tell you about? Sometimes we don’t even hear the compliments or the positive review. The negative is like Velcro and we often focus on that first, and what needs to be fixed. Make sure you don’t gloss over the good stuff that you are told as well.


What is it that you like to spend time on or want to do better and better? Where does your deep interest lie? You might find your superpower there.


When you look back on your life/career where were you the most confident? Was it when you stood up in front of that crowd for a presentation or when you wrote up that detailed proposal? Where did you stretch out of your comfort zone and yet your abilities followed? What is it you enjoy most? Often you will find some superpowers right there!


When you get clear on your strengths and superpowers this can make all the difference in your career and life in general. It’s also fun to imagine that light sword, isn’t it? Let the force be with you and use your superpowers! They are unique to you!