I haven’t blogged in a long time. This is for many reasons, one being, I didn’t feel I could add to all of the chatter and conversation that was swirling around out there. Lot’s has been happening, to say the least! A friend of mine reminded me that to share my thoughts with a positive psychology view point is new for many, or it’s always good to be reminded. So, besides spending some time in gratitude, finding the sparks of joy in your days that you can possibly fan into flames, I would like to offer an exercise that might just get us through the winter days ahead.


Every year at this time I like to take the time to think about the past year and what I would like to let go of, get rid of, move on from and what I would like to bring forward. 2020 will definitely go down in history and there is much we would like to leave behind! Write it out and then either burn it safely or bury it in your yard or just throw it out to say good riddance! Once that is gone, think of one to three words you would like to bring forward into the new year. For example:

Unity, compassion, hope, wonder, awe, grace, wisdom, tribe, collaboration, trust, forgiveness …..just to name a few.


Choose three that resonate with you that you can carry into the new year and with and intention bring them into your life. Mine are unity, collaboration and grace.


I also like to use this time to till the soil so to speak and dream. Try finishing the sentence completion:

I dream…….

I see possibilities in…………..


Do these several times in a row to see what comes out for you. It is one way to begin to plant the seeds for growth as the cold winter passes and the spring comes in. If you have your seeds of thought already in place write about how you will meet them with intention. Use this time for self care, which is necessary and not selfish at all! Rest, restore, rejuvenate yourself for the moving forward that will be coming. We want to see and be the shift in the world. We want to illuminate the days ahead with as much love, grace and hope that we can. So what will be next for you?