The Fear element of the Coronovirus is making everyone stressed out and nervous. When speaking with clients, friends and family I find some people are hyperventilating, anxious, or worried. We are living in a stressful world right now. People are worried with everything that is going on like the political change, the financial markets, and fear for our own health as well as our family members. We all want well-being. I do know that fear reduces our immune system.

Joan Borysenko, PHD. says, ” Our attitude effects our immunity and that fear goes right down to our cellular level. Stressful thoughts and beliefs affect our neroendocrine system.”

How can we reduce this fear mode and increase our resistance? Here are a few tools which you can learn and apply now as well as in the future to help you.

  1. Breathing – When you panic or hyperventalating it increases your stress hormone cortisol. You want to be in rest and renewal mode! First thing to do is name it. I’m PANICKING! Uh oh!                                     Then go into your breathing. Breathe in through your nose deeply and slowly, than purse your lips and breathe out slowly and fully. Take the second breath which will be even deeper and continue this 4-6 times. This will help center you and change your nervous system.
  2. Go out into Nature – if you find yourself ruminating walk outside and look up at the clouds. Change the station and ground yourself in nature.
  3. Negativity is like Velcro. Rich Hansen has written many books on this subject. He tells us that whenever something good happens we should savor those feelings. Bring in all of your senses. Feel the air, what smells do you notice, sounds, what do you see? Notice what’s going well. Shift into Gratitude. As you go to sleep at night bring in one of these moments that you remember and feel it all over again. For example: I saw my grandchild laughing. What did that look like? Sound like? You will find that you smile and will have a more restful sleep. Restore yourself through rest and sleep as well as good nutrition.
  4. Engage in pleasurable Activities. What are they for you? Reading, playing with your dog, grandchildren, knitting, playing games, or watching your favorite shows?
  5. Social Connection – if we are not gathering as much we can still talk on the phone or skype and connect with a loved one or good friend. We need each other so reach out 

I wish you a peaceful time

I wish you good health

 I wish you well-being                        

I wish you a life of ease