Every year at this time as we approach the holidays we all seem to be running from here to there. I would like to ask you, as we complete the year, to take some time for yourself, take a moment to PAUSE and REFLECT.

What went well this year?

What were some of my successes?

What were some of my disappointments or failures? What did I learn from them? How can I grow from them?

Take some time to pause and get clear about how you could spend your time, energy and resources going forward. Then mindfully make some choices as to where you want to focus in your work, relationships and personal health. Does one area need more intentional focus than another? What are some tools you can use to boost your energy in these areas? Is it time to reframe a situation or give your self a 30-day challenge? Are you able to give each of these areas of your life the time and energy it deserves?

Taking a pause at this time is one way to begin your year feeling good about your choices and regenerated for what’s to come. It is not the time to over think things, just to reflect.

The way you end the year can determine the way you begin the next. Rather than becoming depleted, overwhelmed, and burned out think about nourishing yourself, replenishing and entering the New Year energized and radiant, clear and open to receive.

Rather than making New Years Resolutions and setting goals I would like you to consider spending some time dreaming and visualizing:

What does my best day look and feel like? What am I doing in this vision? Who am I with? Who is my supportive tribe?

How am I paying attention to my SPICE of Life?

How am I using my top strengths to achieve and receive what I want?

What makes my heart open, my energy rise, my body relax and feel grounded? What lights me up and makes me smile? What am I doing when I lose all sense of time and get into the flow?

What seeds do I want to plant right NOW?

This exercise might be a helpful for you. Spend a few minutes writing these down in your journal. You can do this exercise several times if you wish. You can do it in two columns. On the left reflect on the past year. What did you feel good about? People, experiences, thoughts, feelings

On the right, think about the joy you want to see, give, and receive in the coming year.  Here are some ideas to inspire you.

I HAVE (what are you appreciating about life right now?)…
Feelings you feel 
People you love –
Places you spend time 
Experiences you value –
Things you possess –
Creations you’ve created – 
Ways you feel rich – 

I WANT (what are you joyfully anticipating?)…
Feelings you want to feel more of in 2020 
​​​​​​​* People you want to feel connected and loving toward – ​​​​​​​
Places you dream of visiting – 
Experiences you want to have going forward –
​​​​​​​* Things you’d like to bring into your life – ​​​​​​​
Creations you’d like to create –
​​​​​​​* Ways you would like to be more 

Spending time in gratitude and appreciation will open your heart and shift your mindset. As Tal Ben Shahar would always say – What you appreciate appreciates!

The winter season is a time to allow your self time to pause and reflect, and simply be. Rather than jumping on the new years resolution train, which often gets derailed, I would rather see you take out your journal and write about the magic of the moment. Notice where you are and what you are feeling. Go to your heart and ask what am I dreaming about that would bring my best self forward?

End your year powerful and wise. I can’t wait to hear all about your dreams and visions for the New Year 2020 and how we can work together to make them happen!  We will embark on this journey together, on your voyage of growth and discovery. Happy New Year from my heart to yours!