The summer in the Northeast is soon coming to an end. I have heard about so many beautiful vacations to South Africa, Italy, West coast where each person talked about what a wonderful time they had been away. Usually, they noted beautiful vistas, time with loved ones, fabulous meals, fun drives, or experiences that they had with along the way. One friend went so far as to ask herself how can I bring some of the things I loved most about my vacation home with me? She went on to answer this great question by really thinking about what she loved most while on vacation. She enjoyed the natural beauty around her and realized she had a fabulous park and hiking trails near home that she could go and be close to nature. She enjoyed conversations and time with her loved ones which she decided to intentionally cultivate more at home. Eating well and together was something else she could bring home with her. I loved her question and challenge to herself to cultivate this more. I loved swimming while away and I am lucky enough to have a pool near home I can use. I also enjoyed taking time to just be quiet and bring beauty into my soul. This mindfulness can be incorporated into my daily life. I enjoyed time for self-care and naps which I intend to find time for!
Where have you been this summer? What have you loved that you can continue to bring into your life? How can you bring your vacation home with you even in little subtle ways? Please share so we can all benefit!