We are one week into January and I hope the holidays were filled with joyful events. Often times the New Year is overwhelming as we think of all our “goals”, “shoulds”, and “have too”. I suggest you stop right there. Take a breath. This is the month for dreaming not doing right out of the box! Slow down and allow yourself to listen to what your heart and soul are desiring for this coming year 2019, not what your ego mind, or the advertisements around you are telling you. Take this whole month to dream and vision what you would like 2019 to look like for you. 

What are your key desires for the year? Be Specific

Why do you want to bring this forward in your life?

What will your life look like and feel like once you are living these desires?

What ideas or sparks are percolating and wanting to come forth?

What seeds want to be planted?

Get into the stillness so you can hear your intuition. Get still so you can feel what your vision is. This all comes before the action necessary to make it happen. Desire in the dictionary means:

  1. 1.
    a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
    wish, want, aspiration, fancy, inclination, impulse;
          strongly wish for or want (something).

Desire starts as stated above and than we can see what is ripe to grow. The energy to take action will come. When that time comes next month you will be defined, focused, ready to get into the flow and make it happen throughout the year.

So, for now, take a breath – maybe three and put your hand on your heart. Close your eyes and ask yourself – How do I want to show up in the coming year? What is my sacred work that I want to bring forward? How is my foundation and how can I nourish myself and show up for myself and others? At this time of year I suggest doing a vision board just so you can see what your inner thoughts and desires may be. Rather than setting goals and stating wants think about setting intentions and desires. By doing this you are setting yourself up to stretch into growth, not to go into overwhelm. You will be connecting with yourself and the universe, spirit, or whatever you choose to call it. As you spend time in your imagination and possibility think of what Albert Einstein said:

  “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

As you spend time in the creative possibilities than you can become focused and be able to state…….

This is how I am going to be and show up in 2019!

Finish these sentences for yourself:

What really matters to me this year is……….

I intend to co-create with the universe this coming year…….to bring ……..this into form


I desire to……

I desire to be…..

I desire to produce……

I intend to focus my attention and light here………

and finally:

What matters to me this year is…………

Think in terms of your health, wealth, work, relationships or do a check in with your SPICE of Life – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual. Connections with others and self, and emotional well-being. How will your year look in all of these areas? What practices do you need to incorporate into your life so you can stay clear and focused and not overwhelmed and stressed? Is it a morning practice of meditation and yoga or dance to get in tune with your body? As you are dreaming this month think about not only what you can give but also what you need to receive. We are often so good at giving to projects, work, family, others that we often leave out the love, self-love, nurturing, self-care,,resources, support we need from others and self.Come up with three things you want to give and three ways in which you will be supported and sustained. This might be a good time to pull out your journal and write out how it will look and feel when you are living these desires. Choose to do this if this resonates with you. 

Dreams and desires take time to unfold. We do not just “wish” them or “vision” them and they come to us. We need to take the necessary steps to bring them into form. Some of them happen quickly once we know what they are while others may not be quite ripe yet. Pay attention and acknowledge when something is coming to fruition. So often we are speeding through life we forget to take the time to recognize how far we have actually come. Stop and pause and see how something is unfolding as the year goes on. Trust the timing, trust your intuition, trust the sparks you are getting, trust the universe.

This is all a process which should be enjoyable. If you would like some support in designing the life you want or crafting a plan for your self as a positive psychology life coach I can guide you. Together we can look at what you are seeding, maintaining, growing, dreaming, and desiring. Make an appointment here.

So again, I ask you, take a deep breath, put your hands on your heart, close your eyes……

How do you desire to walk through this year?

Feel your dreams for yourself, this world, your health, wealth, spiritual connection, home, work, relationships. come back to center and harmony and know whatever comes your way you are supported and loved. Let your heart expand and receive the dreams and desires that come form your heart. so you can design the life you love.