As seen on CBS2 Five o’clock news 9/5/18

Yesterday, CBS news contacted me for a story on how to beat the blues after Labor Day. They interviewed several people on the street who were saying they felt a bit down now that summer is over. Do you feel a bit down after Labor Day? When you watch the short video segment you can see that I shared several quick tips for Happiness Boosters! I honestly do not think that Happiness can be done in 5 easy steps and there you are. Happiness or boosting your optimism so that you can flourish is an ongoing process and one in which we need to pay attention daily. Here is how you can begin to pay attention.

  1. SPICE of Life

I have written about the spice of life in previous posts which you can check out here. The letters stand for various parts of your whole being which is a good idea to check in with on a daily basis. How are you doing Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, Connections with others and self, and Emotionally? Sometimes we spend more time in one area and do not pay enough attention to our whole being. Check in with yourself. How are you doing? Pay attention to your whole being for well being!

2. Here is a quick list of Happiness Boosters you can try :

  • Gratitude – pay attention to what you are grateful for. At the end of each day write down 3-5 things and change them up each day
  • Meditation – spend atleast 5 minutes a day connecting with your breath to lower stress and boost your happiness quoitient
  • Music – make an upbeat playlist with your favorite songs! Get up and Dance
  • Exercise – find something you love and do it!
  • Spend time with others – family and friends
  • Laughter – do it often!
  • Focus on what’s going well in your life rather than what’s going wrong
  • Kindness – do acts of kindness for others it will give you a real boost
  • Plan something you can look forward to for example apple picking in the Fall
  • Be aware of your Tribe – who do you hang out with? Are they optimistic and fun or negative and complaining?
  • Give yourself a 30 day challenge and begin a new habit
  • Set goals for yourself focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses

Now generate a list of things that make you happy. Is it reading a book for pleasure, taking a walk on the beach even in the fall, playing with your dog or little one, taking a hot bath? Pick one a day to do and you will feel your optimism rising and getting you out of the doldrums.

This is all a beginning. If you are feeling stuck or would like to make some changes be sure to give me a call and set up an appointment. There are many positive psychology tools out there which can shift your thinking and help you design the life you would like to lead.