2018 is coming, it is around the corner. Many of us will take a sigh of relief to let go of 2017 and see what the New Year brings. I consider this a process. It doesn’t just happen New Years Eve and there you are. It starts now during this holiday season and goes on through to mid February when you consider where you have been and where you want to go in the new year. It is an excellent time to press the pause button and consider how you want to show up in 2018 and what are your values and how do you want to live those values.

Most people spend the holiday season exhausting themselves trying to do too much, to many parties, spending too much money, eating the wrong foods, and generally over doing it. Think about this as a change…..how do you want to end the year? How do you want to feel as you move your body, mind and spirit into the new year? Have you done a body scan lately? Where are you holding tension for no reason? Have you done a SPICE OF LIFE check in lately? How are you doing as a whole human BEING not DOING? Can you slow down just a bit and do a check in so you can make conscious choices going forward?

I often refer to this quote by Mary Oliver as it makes me think about the choices I am making and what truly matters to me this lifetime. How do you choose – to start your day, spend your money, be courageous or compassionate or both, what brings you peace, joy, happiness? There are 3 things that I like to do each year at this time. Perhaps you would like to join me.


Think back over the past year. What were some of your accomplishments? Failures? Did you learn from them? Disappointments, we all have them. What were you most excited about? What are you glad is over? What made you sad? What made you happy? What would you like to continue and bring forward into the new year?


I have discussed this in the past. I love vision boards! I like to see where my subconscious mind brings me when I look through magazines without filtering myself and I make a collection of pictures, words, ideas and when I have collected enough I lay them out in a collage on a white oak tag. It’s fascinating how each year is different showing me what I really would like to bring into my life this year.


Consider how you begin your day. Have you started a daily practice of meditating or reading an uplifting passage in a book? One thing I am going to focus on this year each morning, besides my meditating, is three harmonizing words that I would like to bring into each and every day. Close your eyes for a moment and put your hand on your heart……how do you want to feel each day? How do you want to live each day? Think of some of these words and choose 3 that resonate with you or maybe some different ones I haven’t even thought of….

Energized  Connected  Knowing  Joyful   Peaceful  Radiant  Vibrant  Alive  Attuned Benevolent  Spacious Aligned Excited  Renewed  Supported  Grateful  Open  Connected  Free  Liberated  Nourished  Nurtured

Choose your 3 words and put them up on your refrigerator where you can see them each day and write them on 5 x 8 cards and decorate them if you wish. Each morning say these 3 words out loud, feel them, internalize them, allow them to help guide you in your choices throughout the day. What do you say yes to, what do you say no to. What resonates with you? How do these feed into your well-being? Do a check in once again with these words – how do they feed you and guide you spiritually, physically,intellectually, connections, emotionally – SPICE of life. See yourself feeling this way and embodying these harmonizing words.

If you join me on this journey into the new year let me know. I look forward to hearing all about your vision board and harmonizing words, please share. Most of all may you have a very healthy, happy, and wonderful New Year!