Today, October 21, 2016 Wonder Woman turns 75. The UN is making her an honorary ambassador and a symbol of female empowerment. Wonder Woman, as a comic figure is the most famous female superhero. She is able to defend herself and ward off enemies without killing them. She is also dressed in a sexy costume that has become in issue in today’s world with one of our presidential nominees objectifying women and still too much emphasis being put on women and how they look. It can create all sorts of body image issues for woman and yet when I look at Wonder Woman and her Power Pose as Amy Cuddy researched I as a woman am inspired. She stands strong and determined with great focus. She appears strong, smart, and comfortable within herself. I think her mind chatter is I can do this! I am capable!

Is Wonder Woman using her costume or feminine whiles to achieve her end goals? I don’t’ think so. I think she has bracelets and a golden lasso to achieve anything she wants in that department. Wonder Woman is standing in her feminine power, which men have as well if they tap into it. Feminine Power as I define it is knowing who you are, having your own voice, having goals, meaning and purpose and taking appropriate action to achieve them enjoying the journey along the way. Positive Psychology supports Feminine Power by showing us how to define those goals and working with our strengths to achieve them. Do you know what your strengths are? Taking the free twenty-minute questionnaire on will help you see what comes natural to you. By using these strengths in new and interesting ways you will be surprised at how you can achieve your own goals.

In her final state dinner Michele Obama wore her “costume” to get certain messages and goals out there. In her rose gold glittery dress designed by Donatello Versace her dress spoke of armor and female strength.  Versace recently showcased a new women’s wear collection, which she described as “all about a woman’s freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be.” Donatello, even though she doubted her abilities and had a fear of failure, took over her brothers design company when he was killed in Miami and continued it’s success. The structure and material of the dress had a strong message as well. The rose gold chain mail implies strength, armour, power and invulnerability as well as beauty and style. Michele Obama is a Wonder Woman!

In this era where we might have the first woman president honoring Wonder Woman makes total sense. Wonder Woman ran for president in 1943! Ms. Magazine renominated her in 1972, which are some interesting facts I came across in an article by the New York Times. How can we be role models for our daughters and granddaughters? I believe by standing in our own truth, knowing what is right for us personally, speaking up for what values we believe in, taking our Power Pose before any interview or presentation and knowing we are good enough just as we are. We do not have to be skinnier, prettier, dressed to please or anything like that. Know who you are in your central core and go for it. Tal Ben Shahar would say “Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn!” so if you stumble or get off course its all part of the journey and the learning process. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again with the lessons you have learned. If you haven’t failed at all than you are not challenging or stretching yourself enough. Even Michael Jordan said,michael-jordan-failure-quote

The artist who drew Wonder Woman said, “ The goal was to create a noble and strong look, while still maintaining Wonder Woman’s approachability and global appeal. I put considerable effort into ensuring her eyes ere powerful and conveyed her characteristics of peace, justice and equality.” What a beautiful, powerful message for today’s time! The message the UN wants to send out into the world is:

That there is a Wonder Woman in every woman

Believe that, hold onto that, and know that you are that. I would love for every Wonder Woman out there to step up and comment! Are you a wonder woman, do you know any, what does wonder woman look like to you?