On Mothers Day (and really every day) I remember my beautiful mom and how lucky I was to have her as my mom. From early on I can remember her warmth and love and yes even baking cookies with me!! She was always there with a warm hug, a smile, and a touch that could heal any wound. My mom had the ability to listen without judging and giving solutions. I still don’t know how she did that! She brought up four girls without comparing them or competing with them. My mom was the youngest of six children and came on a boat to America on her 16th birthday to escape the Holocaust. She looked like a movie starlet for real. I treasure all of my memories of my mom and carry her in my heart and soul each and every day.

I think my mom was a positive psychologist before it was even named.

  • She gave me a strong emphasis on developing character strengths and encouraging resilience as she had to do in her life.
  • She taught me to bounce back after disappointments “This to shall pass.”
  • She showed me how to keep going and the importance of perserverance when facing up to the challenges in life.
  • She would display more positive emotions and encourage a more optimistic outlook. She had seen many difficulties in life and yet continued to thrive in her life.

As a mother she was a terrific mirror. Rather than saying too much she just was. I can feel her reflection all around me and in me. I only hope I can give it back out into the world as graciously as it was shared with me. Happy Mother’s Day mom, you were and will continue to be an inspiration to me. Thank you for all of your love. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Martin Seligman and Robert Emmons have done extensive research on the benefits of writing Gratitude letters. I can attest that this was uplifting for me. Try writing your own gratitude letter to someone who has affected your life and if you can take the opportunity to read it out loud to them. They will enjoy it and you will feel the upward spiral for many weeks to come. Let me know how it feels!