Moms Against Senseless Killings is a grass roots organization that I just heard about and had to share with you on Mothers Day. On one of the worst streets and areas of Chicago this one particular mother had enough! She was tired of the senseless killings of young black men and when a mother was killed on her street trying to break up a fight she decided right than and there she was going to do something about it. Leave it to a woman. Leave it to a mom. She organized a group of moms to go out on the street and set up a barbecue, chairs, and fun things for the kids to do. Just by bringing the community together she affected change. They made up hot pink t- shirts that said Moms on Patrol – and started a watch on their streets. People started to come out of their homes to share food, conversation and good times together. They now consider themselves family. I was brought to tears by this story of one woman, one mom, who could bring the change she wanted to her neighborhood. There have not been any more killings in her community. A sense of community, connection with others is one of the pillars in Positive Psychology. By being connected to each other, to our communities, we will not only be healthier mentally and physically but we can create the type of safe community we want as mothers and fathers. This is one way to create the circle of love. Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers out there whether you are creating change in the world or one by one with each child that you touch and love.

Dr Ben – Shahar emphasized that doing things for other people is the key to a better world.

“Many studies prove that emphasizing strengths produces a noticeable increase in motivation”. An important question, says Dr Ben – Shahar, is what strengthens us? These are the places where we will shine and be happy. “It is easy to ask negative questions, to focus on weaknesses, but since it is questions that create reality, it is important to ask positive questions. What is it that does work? What is it that is good? We should not ignore weaknesses, but it is important to focus on the positive, so that we can all help to produce a better world.”